The Consequences of Obeying and Disobeying Laws

By definition, laws are rules prescribed by specific authorities with the objective of promoting peace, law, and order. Laws are made up of different rules. The enforcement of laws takes many forms including penalties, sanctions and other punishments, depending on the nature of the offense. Given the consequences of failing to observe the law, citizens need to start Obeying the law.

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Functions of Laws and Commands

The purpose of laws is based on their ability to maintain order and peace in the society. Order is maintained if the commands focus on enhancing discipline. For example, criminal laws deter people from causing havoc among each other. Those who try to create distress are prosecuted through criminal law. Stability is also experienced in areas where law is enforced.

Role of Law in Business and Society

The laws have four main function. They include defending people from any form of evil, enhancing the common good, assisting in the resolution of disputes and encouraging good conduct among people. In business, both parties, being the entrepreneurs and consumers have their part to play in observing the commands. The law protects the interests of the consumers as well as those of entrepreneurs. Hence, any party that goes against the sated laws can face prosecution in a court of law.

The Law and Work Environment

Obeying laws at workplaces is vital. After all, every institution works under state and federal laws. This way, the interests of the employers and workers are protected. For the workers, the laws protect them against discrimination due to color, gender, religion and race. Workers also enjoy some peace of the mind due to the introduction of contracts, where one cannot be suspended abruptly without notice. Again, the contracts contain terms and conditions that secure both parties. In case either party goes against the terms, he or she can face prosecution.

The value of obeying laws

Social and economic developments begin with the people. Many countries that are known to observe their laws have progressed faster compared to others. Failure to respect the law results to public disorder. As a result, investment opportunities are shut down. Investors flock in where there is order and stability. If you wish to experience growth in your country, do well to understand the commands that you need to observe. While there are law enforcers, they cannot force people to understand and follow the laws. You have to make a personal commitment.


The only way to stay out of trouble with the authorities is by following the commands. Most importantly, you have to understand the law in order to obey it. Many people do not know their rights. They also fail to understand what observing the law entails. Hence, they end up facing prosecution due to lack of knowledge.

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